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What are The British Photographic Assignments?

Every year our team are setting a British Photographic Assignment that welcomes free submissions from all account holders. This is separate from our annual non-profit competition and is free to enter. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one here.

The purpose of the British Photographic Assignments is to inform and inspire. It is a platform for expression in the national cultural interest. We want to represent the variety of experiences, emotions, meanings, and opinions that each yearly theme presents. All disciplines and approaches of photography are welcomed, and the Assignment’s theme can be interpreted however the photographer chooses.

Submitting between 5-15 images and with an optional accompanying text of up to 400 words, the platform welcomes any projects, series, or individual frames taken in any period. Work does not have to have been taken during the Assignment’s opening dates.

This year’s assignment is the subject of COVID-19 and its effects on the world, please see below for the entire brief.

In 2021/2022 we will be exploring Climate Change, so begin thinking about your submissions now.

Assignment 2020: COVID-19

The BPA invite work from photographers on the theme of the current global pandemic.

Following the Assignments format, submit between 5 and 15 captioned images, as well as an accompanying piece of writing (up to 400 words) that describes the work. You should be as descriptive as possible to inform people of your work, including intention, approach, and interpretation. This can be worked on offline and ‘pasted’ into the submission form. Please also enter your ‘Equipment Used’ into the relevant box as this is often of great interest to our photographic community.

Assignment Publication

Our favourite assignments will be published across the BPA’s channels for the rest of the year, as well as submitted/available to national and international press outlets for publication. No copyright is transferred to us, and image rights remain with the entrant. See the terms and Conditions here.

With such a general and mixed-discipline investigation, it is important we do not ‘judge’ one photographer’s experiences or interpretations over any other’s. Although no formal prizes are awarded, 10 of the favourite photographers will be invited to the British Photography Awards at The Dorchester, Park Lane on the 17th of February 2021


While we do not accept public money for the Assignments, it does not fund charities, we encourage your submission to be dedicated to individuals or institutions that you wish to honour. This can include our National Health Service, frontline workers, other institutions, family members, or friends. Please tag these in your submission using the correct box so we can tag them in any public posts/press releases.

Formal Notice:

When covering issues of national health on such a scale, photographers are instructed to behave in line with governmental edicts and not contravene the law OR health guidelines to record their imagery.

Assignment Schedule:

You may submit images to the British Photographic Assignments all year, up until the 1st of January 2021 (inclusive.)

How to Submit Your Assignment:

Log in to your BPA account as normal but access the assignment in the left hand panel to begin your submissions. To login, or create a new account click here.

It is free to submit work.

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