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About the British Photography Awards

We run a series of online and LIVE events throughout the year; a charity-oriented photography competition, Live and Virtual Galleries, Judging, Global Public Voting, our black-tie Awards Gala in November and an upcoming British Photography Roadshow in 2024-25.

We are open to every photographer based in the UK, no matter their nationality, as well as British photographers the world over.

For decades all other art forms have had their own unified, national awards, while photography has not. This gave us our purpose.

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How was the BPA set up?

Initially set-up with a grass roots model, open to all and with no membership fees or third party investment. The Awards did not have a publishing or hospitality parent company, we simply started reaching out to people; growing organically.

The Awards is run by British Photographers. Those involved split their time between managing the competition, our events, gathering community feedback and fielding press and photographer queries.

All the proceeds from the competition go to charity and we use corporate funding to provide our events schedule each year.

If you wish to become a BPA volunteer please email office@britishphotographyawards.org

What’s next?

As a disruptive movement, we are always trying to iterate and innovate to make the most for our community of hardworking photographers. We don’t like standing still!


  • A British Photographic Roadshow for 2024-2025 - taking our photography to the nation!
  • Working with our community to look at Copyright, AI and Generative Imagery to gather information on where we will commit our resources.
  • The American Photography Awards, our sister project being developed to support US artists and charities, set to launch soon.


  • Increasing Accessibility and refining our Public Voting, aiming for +10 million votes cast in 2027
  • Pioneering Virtual Gallery spaces, both in Web2 and the Metaverse
  • Building a resource for Tokenisation, so photographers can license and control their own imagery
  • Curating a BPA Collection in the Metaverse, with each photographer empowered to take part

Come and join us and keep pushing photography forwards, create an account, and follow our social media at the bottom of the page to see all our wonderful imagery!

British Photography Awards
British Photography Awards


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Photo Credit: Grey heron (Ardea cinerea) - Terry Whittaker / Hope Valley Mist - Wayne Brittle